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THE NEIGHBOURHOOD – O Bairro do Príncipe Real
A courtyard for artists and art lovers
Promoting Lisbon with its unique charm

Near São Pedro de Alcântara is the courtyard of Príncipe Real, with its elegant square filled with the most marvelous trees surrounded by IX Century exotic palaces.

It is the courtyard of antiques and art galleries, filled with the most interesting commerce and restaurants, as well as the charming weekly biological fair.


​With some luck, you may find painter Nagashima working ​in the middle of one of Lisbon's charming squares.

Know more about his work at minorunagashima.client.jp/nagashima.html

Rota das Artes will suggest a visit to the best commerce in Lisbon that dedicates its activity to items related with culture – Antique shops, Book shops, Record shops, Design shops, etc.

All of them will benefit from our promotion and they will too, promote the Festival. It’s a promotional partnership.