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September 30th | 21h00 | Friday


"Pogorelich is comparable to Horowitz".

"He played each note exactly, with such a feeling, such expression, he was an entire orchestra – it was as if he played 200 years ahead of our time” New York Times.

His performance was far superior than any other I can remember" The Daily Telegraph.

"This man is a genius!" This was the phrase that ran the world when for political and artistically unacceptable reasons, the jury of Chopin Competition decided not to pass him into the final phase. The statement came from the veteran Martha Argerich who immediately abandoned the jury in a scandal of global proportions. Pogorelich, already holder of several first prizes, saw his fame spread everywhere. A star was born, adored everywhere, but thanks to a gigantic pianism and an unparalleled artistic and intellectual consistency, he imposed himself far beyond a popularity phenomenon. Referenced by critics as one of the legendary pianists of all times such as Horowitz, Paderewski or Rachmaninov, the artist established in the international music scene with amazing concerts that identify him particularly with the romantic repertoire, magnificent by the prodigious technique and the exuberance of his talent. The pianist who is considered the direct heir to the school of Franz Liszt's is an "Ambassador of Goodwill" by UNESCO for its many humanitarian contributions.

Pogorelich returns to Lisbon in a rare and precious moment with works by Mozart, Schumann, Chopin and Rachmaninov.



CHOPIN Ballade n° 2 in F Major op. 38
CHOPIN Scherzo n° 3 C sharp minor op. 39
SCHUMANN Faschingsschwank aus Wien op. 26
MOZART Fantasia in C minor K. 475
RACHMANINOFF Piano sonata n° 2 in B flat minor op. 36